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About Sunson Photographer

I started shooting professionally in 1996 when I was still in High school. My first job was at an newspaper in my local town. Since then I have shot a wide arrange of things. But I have mostly been active as a well known director of photography in the film industry. I have continued taking still images as well and produced many images for different companies. As a part of the collaboration Cowbell Creatives I also produced many many sucessful projects. 

A couple of years ago my life kind of crashed. I was depressed and burned out. That's when I found Breathwork and Ice bathing. These two simple but powerful practices helped me get back to life. And I became passionate to educate myself and start teaching my own classes. For a couple of years now I have doing precisely that. As a breathwork guide I have been holding classes, doing private sessions, doing events for companies and retreats etc. This has led me in to a wide array of pratices. Tantra, Yoga, Mens work , Authentic relating, Kundalini and Shibari to name a few. 

Now. What does this have to do with Photography you might ask? Lately I've started shooting a lot more for this community. I feel that the imagery can sometimes look very similar and my goal is to create artistic and edgy images that stick out from the rest. I love to co-create and brainstorming together and just follow the flow on set and let things evolve naturally. Usually magic happens when you allow the process to unfold. The pictures speak for them selfs usually. 

Christian Haag

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